School Report Card

School Report Card generation is a Google Doc add-on that can be used by any school/college or any educational institution to generate report cards for their students and share the generated report cards to the respective students via email in a single click.

wall report card (1).jpg


  • You can customize the report card template as per your institution with customized logo and any template

  • You can generate reports for a single test or multiple test together in a single report.

  • Visually appealing report card generation and sharing is fully automated.

  • Full integration with Google Classroom.

Steps to use:


  • Login with your institution admin credentials at
    Note: you need to have super admin access for your institution domain.

  • Open Google Docs and launch ‘Report Card Generation’ from add-on section

  • Select the organizational unit in which student accounts are created.

  • Select the whole class or specific students to generate report cards.

  • Select corresponding courses of the students.

  • Now you need to identify and group all the formative and summative assessments conducted across all the subjects.

  • Click and ‘Generate Report Cards’ and then click ‘Send Email’